Light Bridge – Center for Transformation

16 Leigh Street, Apt. 2 A

Clinton, NJ 08809


Tel: 1-908-892-0751


Please contact us at for any inquires or assistance you might need.

Click here for Directions

16 Leigh Street is only about 100 to 200 yards up the road on the left hand side. It is past Main Street between 20 Leigh St. and 14 Leigh St. There is a MetLife Insurance Company and a Lightsource Chiropractor in the front of the building. Please use the entrance on the left side to enter.

Parking at the Light Bridge Center for Transformation:


On Sundays and after 6 PM, there is free & limitless parking in front of the building as well as in the public parking lot behind the building.

Any other time
parking there is free, but limited to two to three hours. To get to the public parking lot drive up Leigh Street and turn left on Center Street past our building at 16 Leigh Street. Once on Center Street you can't miss it. It is on your left-hand side.


For free and limitless parking continue on Leigh Street and go straight over a bridge, parking is on the left hand side right after the bridge (you only have to walk a little bit to get back to 16 Leigh Street).